Rail Europe

BT Macedonia can help you arrange your travel with a train or make any air-train combination you may decide to take. We are the only official sales point for Rail Europe tickets in North Macedonia and hold the best knowledge in train travel management in the country.

On the old continent, trains are considered a primary form of transportation and it’s how most Europeans travel. They’re modern, dependable and sometimes very fast. At the heart of European rail is an extensive network of high-speed trains, with travel times that can occasionally rival the airlines. But unlike flying, there’s no hours-long security check, no baggage limitation, no hidden fees, and dare we say no stress?

Unlike the boonies of most airport locations, the train takes you from the center of one fabulous city or town to the center of another. Even the most basic second-class train accommodation is roomier and more comfortable than any coach seat on a plane. And most trains are air-conditioned and non-smoking, with plenty of space to store your luggage (without baggage fees).

The ever-increasing popularity of the train has meant many good things. Like more frequent departures and more flexible travel. More creature comforts including inviting bar-buffet cars and the growing availability of on board power outlets and Wi-Fi.